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Today I am reaching out to all industry followers – especially Abattis Bioceuticals enthusiasts and investors – to help put an end to some confusion.

Researchers looking to the Government of Canada’s (canada.ca) website for a full list of laboratories licensed to conduct activities with cannabis would be expecting to see Abattis’ Northern Vine Labs included. However, if you visit the canada.ca page listing these laboratories, you’ll notice it’s missing.

Uh oh…..

WHY is Northern Vine Labs missing?

Perhaps the simple answer lies at the bottom at the page, which reads:

Date modified: 2016-09-02

Aha! Northern Vine received its license in October of 2016, and this page apparently hasn’t been updated since September – one month prior.

It’s common for government websites to require some time to update their pages with the most relevant information, so this isn’t shocking. But we’re now pushing into 8 months since the last update.

Meanwhile, I’ve seen quite a few mentions online of this specific page and growing concern that Northern Vine Labs isn’t displayed on the list. We’re approaching some important announcements about the future of cannabis legalization in Canada, so I think it’s high time that page was updated.

It should include a table that reads something like this:

Northern Vine Labs | BC | 1-604-336-0881‚Äč

How can YOU help?

Please report the problem. You can help with just a couple clicks, and it will only take you a few seconds.

Go to the bottom of the canada.ca licensed laboratories page, and you’ll see a button marked “Report a problem or mistake on this page.” Click this and a table of options will open:

Select “The information is outdated” and then include some brief details about Northern Vine Labs missing – or something to that effect.

Then click the blue “Submit” button, and you’re done!

Thanks for your help. Please also consider distributing this message to other followers. The more reports canada.ca receives, the more likely they are to correct this information asap.

Discussion: 8 Replies

  1. Bravo! I noticed Northern Vine was absent a few weeks ago and reported it. Sure, it takes time to update a website, but this is really dragging on. Someone at canada.ca should be able to add a couple table columns pretty easily, I really don’t understand the reason for the hold up. Maybe a blast of reports will spring them into action?

  2. This page has made it to places like IHub and Yahoo and more people have submitted reports on canada.ca. I hope we can all get their attention.

  3. I am grateful to everyone who is participating. This message is spreading and I’ve been hearing from many of you. I’d estimate we had at least 15-20 people report the outdated page in the first 10 hours of this publication. That is only based on the confirmations I’ve read, and the numbers could be much higher.

    Please keep spreading the word. Northern Vine Labs received a license and is actively building an environment to offer analytical services for cannabis. They deserve to be recognized on the canada.ca site.

    1. You should have received a little more support from the ATTBF group at Yahoo today. Maybe I’ll keep reporting it once a week until they finally add Northern Vine? I hate to be a pest, but it’s just taken way too long IMO.

  4. I have sent them a note too.
    Guess that Northern Vine is not listed because it’s still not running – so HC can’t announced them officially?

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