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Abattis Bioceutical Corp’s (OTC: ATTBF, CSE: ATT) Northern Vine Labs finally has its name shining bright on the canada.ca “Laboratories licensed to conduct activities with cannabis” page.

Previously, the page had not been updated since September 2, 2016, and Northern Vine Labs had acquired it’s license on the 16th of the same month. This was causing some anxiety among people wanting to verify Northern Vine’s license status.

In early April this year, we alerted all Abattis followers and investors to report the outdated information to canada.ca and urge them to include Northern Vine.

So, first order of business………

Thank You to All Those That Submitted a Report to Canada.ca

From conversations here and many other marijuana and investor forums, I know plenty of you – reading this right now – had previously taken the time to submit the report to the Government of Canada website.

I offer a sincere thank you for your effort and participation.

It appears we got the message across, as the proper canada.ca page now includes a row with the following details:

Northern Vine Canada Inc. BC 1-604-346-2685

northern vine listed

Notice About The Phone Number Listed

Shortly after posting this update, others in contact with Abattis informed us that the canada.ca page listed an incorrect phone number.

I reached out to Abattis Administration yesterday and confirmed that this is true. They are actively working with Health Canada to have this rectified as soon as possible.

In the meantime, anyone attempting to contact Northern Vine is encouraged to use the following information:



Why Did The Update Take So Long?

Apparently, Health Canada only updates the information on the site about twice a year. Abattis just so happened to receive their license about 2 weeks after the last site update on September 2nd (2016).

You may also notice that additional licensed labs in Canada were also added to the list. It’s safe to say the delay was not especially concerning, and Abattis was not alone in waiting for Health Canada’s latest round of updates.

Is The Update Important to Northern Vine?

I would say so. If you read through the canada.ca and healthycanadians.gc.ca web pages, you’ll find a few instances that advise producers to go to that “Licensed Laboratories” page and contact an authorized dealer for more information.

This new listing should give Northern Vine more exposure, as more producers are likely to be seeking product testing services as we approach 2018.

Northern Vine’s presence on the list also clears up any confusion for those that may already have been aware of their business and services, BUT couldn’t previously verify them on the official canada.ca approval list. Now, Northern Vine’s information is all there, clear as day, ready for anyone searching for them to find.

Discussion: 24 Replies

  1. but northern vine still isn’t open!!!! They were supposed to open apr 20 so much for what they say their going to do

    1. When or where did Abattis or Northern Vine ever specify April 20 as a launch date? Sorry, but I’m not sure where you’re finding that information.

    2. sigggghhh.. Here we go, again.

      Nunchuck, I also read lots of cute rumors and hopeful wishing that 4/20, Weed Day, was the date Abattis would announce Northern Vine was opening. It was all over yahoo, Ihub, twitter, facebook, and probably several other places.

      The truth is that Abattis never said any such thing. Those 4/20 expectations arose out of speculations from people just having some fun. Only rumors, nothing more.

  2. Been waiting for this update for months now. Congrats, Northern Vine!

    I’m glad I can finally stop reporting this to Gov of Canada haha. I was about to make it a weekly task until NV was listed. 🙂

  3. I received a voice mail from KATHLEEN MARTIN. I asked if I could send in my sample for potency and pesticide testing. she told me the phone number they posted on the service canada site was in correct and told me the correct and said I should talk to CLAYTON CHESSA, but he might not answer due to calibrating all the equipment for northern vines opening !! i did not say I was an investor

    1. Hello Jason. I suppose that adds up. Kathleen Martin is part of Abattis Administration and Clayton Chessa is General Manager of Operations. Having Kathleen tell you that the incorrect phone number was posted is concerning though.

      To clarify, are you saying you contacted the phone number posted on the canada.ca “Licensed Laboratories” page, 1-604-346-2685? And Kathleen gave you a different number for Clayton?

  4. if you send me your number ill call and play the voice mail…the service canada number is wrong she gave me the right one (604) 371.3371 att lab not claytons personal number

  5. the r*** that took forever to update the service canada site couldn’t take 2 seconds and do his dd and put there correct phone number instead he put there representatives number..maybe due to thousands of email complaints or just plain stupidity

  6. Jason, that helps clarify, thank you. Abattis and Northern Vine may have still been determining appropriate contact numbers around the time the new data was scheduled to be updated on canada.ca. Initially, I visited the http://www.northernvinelabs.com/contact page and found the number (604) 336.0881 listed.

    If you view the Northern Vine page on the main Abattis website today (https://www.abattis.com/northern-vine), you’ll find the number you were provided, (604) 371.3371, listed instead. If this is the preferred point of contact for Northern Vine inquiries, hopefully, this will be updated on the Northern Vine site and the canada.ca page soon as well.

    I don’t know where 1-604-346-2685 came from originally, and I’d doubt many canada.ca complaints specifically referenced this. In previous articles, I had mentioned (604) 336.0881 as the Northern Vine contact number, because it was listed on their site. Apparently, now (604) 371.3371 is the preferred number? It sounds like we’re in need of some more adjustments.

    1. 2 steps forward, 1 step backward with this page, eh?

      So I guess it’s back to our routine of reporting incorrect information..

  7. yes unfortunately, but I think the golden lining of my story is she was not suppose to tell me that Clayton is up late at night calibrating all the equipment for opening day coming soon !

    1. That’s true. We can think of it as some reassurance. Some long-time investors out there are fixated on the “45 days” estimation in February and growing anxious. Nice to get a hint that opening day is right around the corner..

      1. Those people need to get over their damn selves. these dimwits like ebota and star fish on investorhub keep trashing attbf. they bought it in 2014 for over 1$ when every canna stock was astronomicaly high ! Now these sore losers go out and bash attbf any chance they get.
        ebota keeps crying about attbf fail promises for northern vine to open in exactly 45 days. NEWSFLASH dimwit!! THEY NEVER PROMISED THAT
        These guys probably sold out a long time ago. now they just want to see the stock fall.

        1. Well.. I actually believe “ebota” on Ihub is still holding ATTBF shares. He’s been keeping tabs on the company since 2014 like me, and it’s no secret he’s become exhausted waiting for Abattis to bring in revenue. It’s hard to blame him for that.

          Some times, his posts are a healthy reality check. Quite frankly though, I think he’s transitioning from an objective critic to a grumpy cynic. He may view his posts as using sarcasm to lighten his frustration with Abattis and as an attempt to bring balance to the boards, but people grow tired of sheer negativity. “The glass is always half empty” with him, as another contributor said over there yesterday.

          “Ebota” keeps flip flopping between price targets to exit at $0.25 and $0.30. Personally, I think ATTBF is going much higher in time. However, it’d probably be best for everyone if he sold out next time ATTBF returns to this range, put this behind him and left the board.

          I empathize with ebota and others, but cynicism doesn’t do anyone any good. There comes a time when it’s just best to walk away and move on to something more constructive.

        2. Green don’t defend that clown. ebota is mad because he didn’t strike it rich in 2014. OH BOO HOO HOO. doesn’t make it right for him to bash a compny trying to do good things.
          he’s not just grumpy HES A BASHER!!

          1. I have no interest in either defending or accusing him. I only wanted to provide some perspective.

        3. I wouldn’t let those whiners get to you. Really,,just let them sell, when att goes to $1 theyll really have something to whine about

        4. Right on. Cynics and trolls are EVERY where! Brush them off or IGNORE them.

          I’m VERY excited about this company in case you can’t tell. Northern Vine can start bringing in revenue NEXT quarter already! Raybot could help SET industry expectations for extraction methods and yield! SO many ways to make MONEY here.

          ATTBF is going UP with or without these critics changing tune!

    1. I’m going to attempt to verify the correct contact number myself. If the number on canada.ca right now is indeed incorrect, we can initiate another round of reporting the issues on that page.

      1. just got off the phone with CLAYTON CHESSA (he called from 1-778-773-9035?)..acted like I wanted to send in a sample to be tested..he assured me they use state of the art HPLC for testing potency and for contamination. He asked what licence I was under and I said the original grandfathered one which my dad is..he said the samples will cost 120$ to analyze and that there working hard to open the lab next week ! I asked if they had any big LP’s contact them, he said the have been approached by some, but then got sketched out and said thats inside information that he could not discuss…I have 28,000 shares at .24 average, would like to see it spike to a dollar and sell out, but now there might be the potential for higher share price if they find cancer curing properties while analyzing

        1. Thanks for that update, Jason. The limitations on what he could discuss with LP inquiries isn’t surprising. If Northern Vine is in serious discussion with taking on a major LP, we probably won’t be hearing about it until it’s a done deal. I’ll admit, I’m impressed with their timely responses and availability. High five to their team for good communication.

  8. UPDATE : : :

    I reached out to Abattis today about a couple issues I noticed others discussing around the web:

    1.) The confusion over the “10thousandbc.com” domain being used for the Abattis email list
    2.) Confirmation of the correct phone number for reaching Northern Vine

    Kathleen Martin responded to me within minutes. I give her and Abattis credit, because this is the fastest and most complete answers via email I’ve probably ever received from a company.

    Her email response was very helpful and seems quite appropriate for sharing with everyone in this community. It would seem they are on top of things. Read below:


    From: Kathleen Martin

    Hi GK,

    Thank you for bringing these matters to our attention. I have passed along the 10thousandbc.com question to our web portal manager and will hopefully have it rectified. I had a communication from them early this morning that there was an issue with the emails and I know they are aware of the problem (which is why it came from 10thousandbc.com) but I am not sure at what stage they are of fixing it.

    As to the phone number and the listing with Health Canada. Health Canada gets around to updating their information about twice a year. The last time they updated was on September 2, 2016. We were granted a licence on September 16, 2016. We had to give them written permission to put our name on the site. We granted the permission a while ago. They finally got around to changing it and put the wrong number on the site. Our QPIC (Qualified Person in Charge of the Lab) has made HC aware of the error.

    The correct number to source any information about Northern Vine is


    or, you can call Abattis


    the correct URL is: http://www.northernvinelabs.com

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