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Vancouver, British Columbia / Newsfile Corp. / July 13, 2017

Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. (OTCQB: ATTBF) (CSE: ATT) (the “Company” or “Abattis”) has partnered with the Canadian Securities Exchange (“CSE”), Stockpools and Lift Cannabis Expo to educate market players on the cannabis industry through an innovative fantasy online stock trading competition focused entirely on the cannabis sector titled, “The 2017 Cannabis Investment Challenge”.

Abattis is the title sponsor for this competition which is also 100% free and available to anyone over the legal age of consent. The competition began on July 4th, 2017 and will run through to September 15th, 2017. Prizes include weekly cash draws, as well as a grand prize of a trip to Las Vegas for the best performing portfolio.

Abattis is positioned competitively as a natural hedge against most of publicly traded cannabis picks in the cultivation space. With the goal of providing downstream fulfillment and processing services to the legal cannabis industry, the Company will see the market for its services open up as Health Canada’s move to facilitate new licences intensifies the competition. Recent activity in the capital markets suggest that many Licensed Producers (“LPs”) have struggled to ramp production and have therefore missed consensus expectations for sales volumes. In addition, the capital markets have come back from the highs of April and settled at a more sustainable level before the upcoming fall season.

Jason Zandberg, Analyst at PI Financial is quoted in the June 7th 2017 Globe & Mail saying: “All marijuana companies rose during the ‘pot mania’. Accumulating shares of market leaders as prices fall may prove to be a profitable trade.”

Abattis has maintained its focus with its primary subsidiary, Northern Vine Labs, offering testing, extraction and formulation services to licensed producer and ACMPR license holders. Northern Vine is currently taking samples, generating revenues and refining its methods and standards to ensure the utmost in accuracy, consistency and safety. Additionally, the company’s sales and marketing subsidiary, Vergence Naturals, has been busy securing distribution agreements with third party natural health products for placement in local and international sales channels.

About Abattis Bioceuticals Corp.

Abattis is a life sciences and biotechnology company which aggregates, integrates, and invests in cannabis technologies and biotechnology services for the legal cannabis industry developing in Canada. The Company has successfully developed and licensed natural health products, medicines, extractions, and ingredients for the biologics, nutraceutical, bioceutical, and cosmetic markets. The Company is also seeking to acquire exclusive intellectual property rights to agricultural technologies to be employed in extraction and processing of botanical ingredients and compounds. The Company follows strict standard operating protocols, and adheres to the applicable laws of Canada and foreign jurisdictions.

About Northern Vine Canada Inc.

Northern Vine Labs™ is licensed by Health Canada (Dealers License) for the possession of Cannabis and related active ingredients, as well as the production of extracts for the purpose of analysis. Northern Vine Labs™ product certification and quality assurances programs incorporate global best practices and procedures for application in the legal Canadian cannabis market.

About Vergence Visionary Bioceuticals Corp.

Vergence Visionary Bioceuticals Corp., dba Vergence NaturalsTM, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Abattis, based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. The Vergence team are bioceutical marketing specialists focused on health products to penetrate the fast-growing market for natural, safe and effective natural products that meet unmet wellness needs.


Rob Abenante
Robert Abenante, President & CEO

For more information, please visit the Company’s website at: www.abattis.com or www.northernvinelabs.com

For inquiries, please contact the Company at (604) 336-0881 or at news@abattis.com.

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