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If you’re reading this, I realize it may very well be your first time coming across Abattis.club. If that’s the case – Welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

Let me walk you through what this place is all about.

What’s the Big Deal About Marijuana in Canada?

In late 2013, me and some colleagues stumbled upon the blooming medical marijuana industry in Canada. It certainly peaked our interest from both an investment and political perspective.

I was especially intrigued by the sheer variance of opinions presented online and on television. You’ll still see these same beliefs being expressed today …..

Some believe marijuana being classified as a Schedule 1 drug is absolutely outrageous and consumers in Canada and U.S. should be free to use it whenever and however they please.

Some believe marijuana is an evil vessel for addiction and a gateway to drugs with catastrophic consequences.

And many others believe marijuana certainly has its place in medicine, but recreational freedom could open the doors to a litany of societal problems.

Let me admit something to you right now …..

I remember exactly how I felt about marijuana in general before I started completing research in 2013. And I remember how I felt soon after. It was VERY different!

See – we all may have very different beliefs about how marijuana should be used, regulated, restricted, distributed, and what not. And our beliefs may constantly be changing as we explore more information and discover new facts.

BUT, no matter what you believe right now, there’s one fact that’s difficult to deny. Marijuana restrictions in Northern America are gradually falling away – little by little – and marijuana uses and consumption will become more generally accepted by our society.

The Beginning of a New Era?

As I began researching the emerging companies that were attempting to get their foot in the door of this grassroots industry, I realized I may very well be looking at some of the next Apple’s or Google’s.

Mixing together the political climate, polarized consumer beliefs, and start-up investment potential – The whole process from 2013 to today really has been fascinating! And we’re still right smack dab in the middle of this adventure.

That’s one main reason as to WHY this site exists …..

What are your opinions? How do you feel about the legalization of marijuana?

Just as I would have loved to capture the different real-time consumer and investor opinions when the first personal computer was introduced ….. or the first search engine was released ….. I want to record how people and the environment itself will respond to the evolution of marijuana legalization.

This site is also designed to cover news and opinions about a company that is gradually edging toward the nucleus of that industry: Abattis Bioceuticals Corp.

The company already has an eye-raising story. It spiked on incredible excitement, fell hard on some disappointments, and is now strongly rising up out of the ashes.

Let me explain why Abattis peaked my curiosity …..

Early Abattis and Health Canada History

Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. took the stage in February of 2014, rising from dusty, fractional pennies to nearly $3.00 a share. The company, under the leadership of CEO Mike Withrow, boasted their GDERS model – Grow, Dry, Extract, Refine, Sell – as a diversified approach to a widely unknown future cannabis business environment.

The company had plenty of subsidiaries, directors of all trades and skills, projects, license applications, etc. Abattis Bioceuticals Corp seemed to have set themselves up nicely!

Unfortunately, many pioneers and investors at the time underestimated the careful planning and time necessary for the regulating body, Health Canada, to lay the foundation. Abattis, like many other companies, relied upon their license applications being approved by Health Canada to move forward. When this approval process stalled, confidence wavered.

From mid 2014 to 2015, investors became aware that legalization and regulation were still at least a couple years away. The marijuana stock mania crumbled. Many multi-dollar stocks fell back to the pennies, Abattis (OTC: ATTBF | CSE: ATT) included.

Abattis CEO Mike Withrow was replaced with the acting CFO, Rene David, as an interim CEO. The company sought other revenue streams, while hoping Health Canada would soon grant them a license.

Abattis Bioceuticals Corp and the Marijuana Industry: Here and Now

One of the most exciting announcements came out on October 3, 2016. Abattis’ wholly owned subsidiary, Northern Vine Labs, had been granted a license by Health Canada to test and analyze cannabis from other licensed producers.

The license would establish Northern Vine as 1 of only 18 laboratories in Canada that were approved to perform cannabis quality assurance services.

Implications from the final report issued by the Canadian Cannabis Task Force on Legalization and Regulation in November 2016 also suggested that cannabis testing would inevitably become an important sub-industry. The report highlighted the need to prevent tainted and contaminated products from being spread throughout the market.

However, the importance of cannabis testing wasn’t especially recognized until 2 licensed producers – Aurora Cannabis and OrganiGram Inc. – issued recalls for dried cannabis products in early 2017. These products had been contaminated by pesticides which were considered potential hazards.

The writing appears to be on the wall. Quality assurance and regular testing of cannabis products will become a critical component of the evolving regulation.

Abattis is poised to serve that need. In fact, they’ve been craving the opportunity to serve this industry since the early days in 2013-2014.

Where do we go from here?

I can’t tell you anything for certain. I really can’t.

I have my opinions. You may already have yours. If not, I encourage you to perform you own due diligence on this industry and discover for yourself.

Either way, I invite you to join the “club,” follow us, and even contribute if you’d like.

You can create a new account here and submit your own thoughts and articles. We’ll indulge all sorts of varying opinions on this site!

Thanks for coming by, and remember – Always keep an eye on the future.

* – – – – – – – – – – – – *

G.K. (Abattis.club Admin)

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  1. Cool it’s about time abattis got some attention!!
    GK you know any updates about northern vine? Do you know if the labs will be open april?

    1. Hello Zeusbud and welcome. Congrats on being the first poster. 🙂

      Sorry, I don’t know anything about Northern Vine’s progress other than what’s been released by Abattis already. The PR on February 24, 2017 stated:

      “The lab setup has been expedited and is now approximately 45 days away from opening its doors to licensed producer and MMAR patient customers for cannabis testing and analytics.”


      Approximately 45 days from Feb 24 – that puts their opening date as early as next week.

      – G.K.

  2. I opened my portfolio in Feb and noticed my account was higher than I was expecting. That was surprise No. 1. Surprise No. 2. was a total shock to me. Attbf was the cause. I thought I’d lost that money in 2015 already. Now it feels like looking over an old scratchy $1 lotto ticket I left on my desk and realizing I won $100. Your history lesson here glues it all together thanks. The cannabis testing license lifted them out of the grave. I was reading thed dipped into some kind of dried fruit exporting and don’t know about any real money there. Being one of the first approved cannabis labs and opening on time could start rolling in some money.

  3. G.K.,

    Awesome site! FYI everyone, I’ve been invested in Abattis (ATTBF) since the early 2014 MJ rush. I entered as it was falling from $1.00, and when I came to the conclusion that HC license approval was going to drag on, waited to buy more in the 0.20’s-0.30’s. ATTBF dropped as low as 0.015 I believe, and realizing just a few dollars of additional investment would double my position and help me average down significantly, I took that opportunity.

    Here we are! Approaching 0.20 again, with potential to go much higher. IMO Northern Vine’s launch will finally bring some legitimacy to Abattis as a player in the MJ industry. There was a long period of dead air with Abattis, I’d say from 2015 to most of 2016. As I’ve stated elsewhere, it’s going to require time for investors to start noticing this company again. Some old-timer investors are going to remain skeptical until the company can start posting the revenue numbers, and I don’t blame them.

    Be aware everyone – Abattis probably still has a handful investors clinging to stock they purchased in $1-2 range in 2014. Expect to come across some cynicism and exhaustion when reading opinions on this stock. It’s only understandable, but I do believe this company has turned a corner, and it can finally position itself as an investment consideration beyond penny stock traders.

    1. 2015 was rough. 2017 looks to be our year! I wouldn’t have picked Attbf out of my lineup to return in the green. I’m thrilled it has. Nice job picking up those cheapies.

      1. 2 days in a row, last Thursday and Friday, ATTBF broke a 3-year record for most volume traded in a single day. This is all while the price keeps moving up. That’s some strong, positive movement. I think it’s a combination of anticipation of Northern Vine being prepared and Canada moving towards national legalization.

    1. Trudeau’s bill was introduced and is expected to pass with flying colors, but it hasn’t passed yet. Part of the reason ATTBF dropped is probably because of all the misguided hype out there over this bill.

      Many people were probably thinking the announcement on Thursday was a golden ticket to get rich quick and that marijuana stocks, like Abattis, were going to shoot off into 1000-2000% gainers like in 2014. Check the charts and you’ll see this stock took a dive shortly after the announcement. When these people realized they hadn’t hit a quick jackpot, they freaked and sold so they didn’t have to hold over the long weekend.

      Sorry, but that 2014 rush was an anomaly and probably isn’t going to repeat itself. You may see 20-40% days here and there, but expect a more realistic steady climb from here on out.

      There are several Northern Vine Lab PR’s if that’s what you’re looking for. If you’re talking about NV opening, there’s no PR because it hasn’t happened yet.

    1. Hey there guay! Happy to see another familiar face. Yes, if ATTBF is going to make a move, this is going to be their year.

  4. HEY just joining the A TRAIN! NV will be READY for business soon in a PRIME location. I’m taking ATTBF to the bank!

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